Faucet and fixture

Install the new faucet

1. Place Teflon paste or tape on the faucet stems.

2. If your faucet includes a rubber gasket, install it on the base of the faucet before inserting the faucet stems in the appropriate holes in the sink. If your faucet doesn’t include a gasket, run a line of caulk under the faucet before installing it.

3. Secure the nuts holding the faucet to the sink. Tighten the nuts by hand and then give them another quarter-turn with the basin wrench.

4. Connect the supply tubes to the faucet stems.

5. Apply Teflon paste to the shutoff valve threads, and tighten the coupling nuts to the faucet supply stems. Be sure not to over tighten.

6. Apply caulk to the underside of the drain flange, and press it into the drain hole.

7. Place the lock nut on the drain housing, and then place the metal washer and the gasket onto the housing.


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